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The Internet Shop is a specialist web retailer offering a variety of products through specialised sites with exceptional service and value for money.

'Rapid Tools Direct' is one of our 'online' shops and has been supplying hand tools, power tools, building, hardware, DIY and safety equipment for both domestic and trade customers since 1996.

'Rapid Tools Direct' only works with industry leading manufacturers, providing you with top quality products at prices that represent real value for money! We can deliver direct to your door anywhere in the UK, within rapid timescales!

Our online store contains thousands of products and our aim and commitment to our customers is to provide you with exactly what you want - when you want it - at great prices!

We welcome comments and suggestions from our customers, so please use the 'Contact Us' link on the website if you want to get in touch. Also, if you can't find the product you need, please e-mail us or call us on 01536 446396 with the details and we will do our best to source it for you!

Arcotherm Industrial Heater – Supplied by Rapid Tools Direct

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Arcotherm have been the sole UK distributor of the Biemmedue, Arcotherm heater range for over 20 years, and throughout this time have developed the product range to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of portable heating equipment; in 2013 Arcotherm became Biemmedue’s number one worldwide distributor of the Arcotherm branded product. Rapid Tools Direct now supply all Arcotherm Heating products.

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Workwear – Online

Rapid Tools Direct , Suppliers of workwear online. Hi-viz Coats, Bomber Jackets and Vests. In stock are Scruffs Safety Boots and Trainers, Waterproof clothing and Disposable Suits. We have durable jackets, fleeces, shorts and Trousers for all working conditions along with Gloves, Socks, Belts and Knee Pads.

Hi Viz Workwear
Hi-Viz coats, bomber jackets and vests, available in all sizes quality coats. Also Hi-Viz waterproof trousers, distosable paper suits and rain suits, ideal for clothing protection.


Knee Pads

Irwin swivel-flex knee pads are top quality, giving comfort and protection. A must for floor work and trades that spend long periods on their knees. Waterproof clothing and Disposable Suits. We have durable jackets, fleeces, shorts and Trousers for all working conditions along with Gloves, Socks, Belts and Knee Pads.
Scan boiler suits are hardwearing quality overalls, with stud secured pockets, access slits and rule pockets. Sizes are Medium To XXL. Hi-viz Coats, Bomber Jackets and Vests. In stock are Scruffs Safety Boots and Trainers, Waterproof clothing and Disposable Suits. We have durable jackets, fleeces, shorts and Trousers for all working conditions along with Gloves, Socks, Belts and Knee Pads.
Scruffs Safety Boots, Riggers & Trainers
Here we have a great selection of Scruffs safety work boots, Rigger and safety trainers, for safety conscious DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen Scruffs safety boots and Safety Trainers like the Nitro Trainer designed for professional tradesmen. Ladies Safety boots are available along with safety Wellingtons, Rigger boots and safety Hikers in Black, Brown and Tan. For a Cheaper Safety Boot take a look at our Scan Range. New to us are the Scruffs Pro Dusk Chukka and the Twister 4 in Black and Tan. Overshoes are also available. On the site we also have Workwear from Scruffs and Snickers along with Hi-Viz Clothing. We have just added the new Switchback range of safety Trainers.

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Choosing Stihl Saw Horses – From Rapid Tools Direct UK

View Details and Prices Here

Lightweight wooden sawhorse which is the ideal way to cut light firewood.Being wooden it also will not damage the saw if touched by the chain.
wooden saw horse

Stihl Metal Sawhorse

Robust version, galvanised, spring-loaded chain for securing the trunk to be cut. Log Horse.


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Choosing Diamond Tile & Glass Drill Bits

These are High Quality Duro Ultra Diamond Tile Drills 5mm to 35mm. For Drilling Porcelain and ceramic tiles along with marble, terracotta, and quarry tiles, cement and glass. There are many types of tile drills on the market, we found them to be the best. Customer feedback has been excellent for these products. A fantastic range of Duro Diamond Tile Drills Bit, used for drilling very hard material. To be used in conjunction with a water feed and guide to keep bits cool.

duro diamond tile drills

duro diamond tile drills

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Migrating to Australia – What a job.

If you are ever thinking of migrating, the idea sounds very simple doesn’t it? O let’s emigrate, we can live in the sun, it will be easy. Then you start the process.
My name is Kirk I have just turned 50, not a bad age, in fact I feel still young. Our house is in Huddersfield West Yorkshire. I have lived in the same town all my life. Where as my wife Karen, who I love deeply may I add, has lived in various towns, as her Dad was a salesman and moved around quite a bit.
We have 3 daughters Sophie our eldest who is now 23 and Holly and Josie who are twins and 21. We also have a whippet called Milo and a cat called Cosmic.
4 years ago my wife and I, had saved for a trip to the Maldives, as you could imagine, it was paradise. Sat on the beach there looking out to sea, I pondered the possibilities of living a life in this kind of place. It wasn’t that I disliked my life in not so sunny Huddersfield, in fact we have a great life there. I own my own business hiring out tools and also selling tools on a website, yes everything was fine. It was just that I am the kind of person that has always interested in the rest of the world and what it may have to offer, life can be a tad short, and I would hate to miss out on something that could improve our lifestyle. As I said I wasn’t unhappy. On the beach. Sitting there wondering, considering the options of places that, could potentially be the ideal place to move to. It had to be a country where the cultures are pretty much the same, it’s not that I don’t like other cultures, I just felt that moving to another country would be difficult enough. It was then I first thought about Australia, we had never been, and to be honest, you see very little in the UK about Australia lifestyle.
That evening I put my Idea to Karen (Karen is a Midwife and a great mum) and after much discussion we decided that, when we got home we would look into the possibilities of migrating to Australia.
On the Australian skill list we found that midwives were a category that the Australians were looking for, where as me, being a small business owner, had no hope of applying. The first thing we found out was that Karen would have to have her visa application in before she was 45, she was 44 at the time. So there would be no time to waste, if we were to proceed.
So we set that little tiny ball rolling, a ball which you must be aware of will never stop once started. We found out from Karen’s cousin who lived in a place called Wollongong, just below Sydney, that a good migration expert was a guy called George Lombard, and so we contacted him, to find out costs etc. The whole process would cost about £3000.
Next, and I would advise anyone considering the move, to go and visit Australia. We contacted Karen’s cousin and booked our flights. We arrived in January for a 3 week holiday with our daughters, and one boyfriend, which I had to pay for. We saw all the sights in Sydney and had a fantastic time. I loved the place, Karen wasn’t sure it was for her, and the girls, I think liked it. But teenagers are hard to read, as most of the time was spent in bed.
We arrived home and tried to have a discussion about the possibilities of going to live in OZ with our girls. Sophie was all for it, where as Holly and Josie looked like rabbits caught in headlights and disappeared to their rooms.
It was decided that we would contact George and start the process, after all it was going to be for a better life, and Holly and Josie would realise that one day, it made me feel better thinking that way anyway.
The next hard bit is to tell you friends and family about your crazy scheme to move all your family to the other side of the world. I don’t think a lot of them really thought that we were serious about our plans at that time. I took my mum out for a meal, just me and her. I explained that it was going to be for a better life for my girls, of course it was for me also, but it seemed better saying that, as the guilt was beginning to build. After the meal, and quite a bit of upset, I think my Mum understood, but also thought that it wouldn’t really happen.
And then the waiting period started, the visa process is quite a long one, so you have to get your head back into normal life and get on with it. Not that that period of waiting wasn’t full of interesting events. Sophie ditched the guy who I gave the free trip to, and started a new relationship with a chap called Lee from work. She informed him on day one that she would be moving to Australia, and then got pregnant with Charlie, they moved into a flat down the road. Now this created a new problem, as Sophie could not come on Karen’s visa being over 18, with a baby she would not be able to come on a working holiday visa, as you cannot work if you have a dependent.
Karen and I decided that we would need to travel back to Australia for another look, primarily to find a place to settle when we eventually arrived. We took 6 weeks of work and set off to Adelaide, hired a motor home and drove thousands of miles through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane looking for the perfect place. What a great trip it was, we arranged to fly Holly and Josie out for the last 2 weeks to give them another look and hopefully convince them it was the best thing for them, we meet them in Brisbane, and set them up in a backpackers there before taking them down to the gold coast, Holly’s boyfriend then decided we wanted to come out, and proposed that he and Holly would stay for 6 more weeks after we left, we said ok. We had found the place we wanted to live, above Brisbane on the sunshine coast, right at the end of our journey, bloody typical. Karen was now convinced it was definitely the right thing to do now.
As I said I have a business which I started in 1996. In 2003 I took a business partner on. Andy is also a great friend and we have worked together a long time now. He was not happy with the migration thing as you could imagine, but he always said if it’s something you have to do, then go and try it for a year. We made a deal with the business that if I went, we would make things equal and I would be able to carry on doing the website work. I then changed my work structure so that I took a bit of a back seat where the shops were concerned and put all my effort into building the website.
Eventually the visa was granted, Holly and Josie became more agitated, when asked what they thought, but said it was still what they wanted, usually as they left the room, still looking like rabbits.
One year to countdown. We had to sell the house, on the market it went, and not a sniff. Recession in England didn’t help, but 2 dollars to the pound on exchange rate was pretty good, so happy days, if we could sell the house.
Forgot to mention during the waiting period we nearly gave up on the idea several times, one of them being not being able to sell the house, for the price we wanted.
We decided to rent it out when the time came, it was the only way.
Time was drawing nearer so we started working on the tick list of things to sort before you go, booking containers etc.

Holly and Josie had still not made their minds up 4 weeks before we were due to fly. We went out for a Chinese meal, to lay the cards on the table, there was much upset, and we were still none the wiser. Going without them was not an option. Teenagers can be hard to talk to sometimes, I think deep down they didn’t want to go but a part of them did, and I also think they didn’t want to upset us.
Then Holly committed, she had been in a long term relationship. But she suddenly came to us and said ok I am coming. Sophie needed to come out about 6 months after us, with baby Charlie and Lee. That just left Josie, who went into a bit of a panic mode, and started going out with one off her x boyfriends called Luke. He rented a house from his mum. They both came to us 2 weeks before we were to leave to tell us that they were going to live together, but, that they would come out on the same flight as Sophie in 6 months time.
Saying your goodbyes is by far the hardest part about emigrating. We decided that we wouldn’t have a party. But instead we would meet with friends and family individually for goodbye meals etc.
We had a tenant due to move in as we left which was perfect, comic the cat went to Josie’s and then onto some cat lover friends of theirs, and Milo the whippet moved in with Andy my mate, who lives in upper Slaithwaite, one of the coldest places on the planet, needless to say he sleeps in a coat now.
The day we were set to fly, our tenant decided he didn’t like the contract and wouldn’t sign, much to his wife’s dismay. After many phone calls we decided to go with another couple who also wanted to rent the house.
House now packed up, goodbyes done we set of for the Airport, my mate Andy and his wife Paula drove us, quite an emotional goodbye. Then off we flew.
We arrived in Brisbane and activated our bank account with NAB Bank and hired a car. We had six weeks staying in a resort, before our belongings arrived, which again proved to be eventfully, Josie got pregnant, so now we needed an even bigger house to rent. We found one in a place called Mooloolaba on the sunshine coast.
The rest of the family arrived 6 months later, all 9 of us live in the same house, until they all find their feet.
12 months on and the new baby (Jack) has been born, an Australia citizen and a great little chap. Every one is in work and we are doing great. Lee had to take a degree course at the university, which is what he wanted, but very expensive, this allows both Sophie and Lee to work, so things are a bit tight for them at the moment, but it will be worth it in the end. Karen and I love living with the family and watching our Grandsons growing up here, living the life. It’s a fantastic place to live. The whole moved cost about 23k, which was money well spent. Australia is now the most extensive places in the world to visit, but if you work here you benefit massively. You get a bit of culture shock after about 6 months but it passes.
Yes it’s hard to migrate but if you want to do it you can, just kick life in the arse and make it happen.

Kirk Stansfield.


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Rapid Tools Direct – Mobile Smartphone App Launch
Rapid Tools Direct is proud to announce the launch of their new mobile App for Smartphone’s.
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Armorgard Security Products – View Product Details

View Product List and Costs – Armorgard

Rapid Tools Direct are proud to be associated with Armorgard Security Products, one of Britains leading manufacturer of secure storage solutions. Building on a reputation of quality, service and value for money, these industry compliant products provide the answer for the security and safety of tools, equipment and hazardous goods.

Product range includes siteboxes, van vaults, chemsafes, gas cages, fuel safes, pipe racks, drum stores and many more.

Being initially designed for the tool hire industry, you can be rest assured that all the products have all been tried and tested in the most arduous of industries.

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What is the difference between sds plus and sds max?

View all Sizes – Online Store

SDS Max Drill Bits

The shank of the SDS drill bit that connects into the drill chuck, is the same for all SDS bits. SDS Max drill bits have an 18mm shank with three grooves that connect to the drill chuck by locking slots. SDS Max drill bits only fit SDS Max rotary hammer drills. You can use adapters to allow SDS Plus drill bits to fit these drills, but is not as effective as using SDS Max drill bits. SDS Max drill bit styles include tipped point and cross point for masonry and concrete drilling and chiseling. These drills are mainley used for more heavy duty work when larger holes need drilling and demolision is required by the breaker. The size of Drill Bits range from around 12mm up to 40mm.

SDS Plus Drill Bits

The SDS Plus drill bit has a 10 mm shank with two open slots and two closed slots, and is held in the chuck by ball bearings. SDS Plus drill bits only fit SDS and SDS Plus drills. SDS Plus drill bit styles include tipped point for masonry and concrete drilling and chiseling. SDS Plus drills are used for lighter work with Drill sizes ranging from 5mm to 25mm.

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Scaffold Tag Requirements

PASMA Tower inspection tags – View Details and Costs

Work At Height Regulations require that mobile access Scaffold towers are inspected after assembly and before use by a competent person, and that a written report of that inspection is completed before going off duty, and that a copy of the report is given to the person for whom the report was completed with 24 hours. PASMA in consultation with the HSE, have developed the PASMA Tower Inspection Record for this purpose. As well as providing a visual indicator of the tower’s inspection status, it also acts as a written report, and by affixing the Record to the tower, you satisfy the requirement to give to the person for whom it was completed within 24 hours. When the record is full, it is removed from the tower (if the tower is still being used, a new Tower Inspection Record is commenced), and the previous is retained as a record of the inspections until the work is completed, and thereafter at your office for a further three months, as required by the Regulations. The HSE Guidance indicates, in addition to the 7-day frequency of inspections, that a tower be inspected after any event likely to have affected its stability or structural integrity such as adverse weather conditions. You may be able to think of other events, which could have such effect. It is important to note that the Regulations do not require a written report each time a tower is moved or relocated to the same site. As well as being suitable for recording inspections, the reverse of the PASMA Inspection Record can also be used as a visual indicator and record that the tower is not to be used, because it is incomplete, damaged or otherwise unsafe. If your tower is incomplete or is in a dangerous condition, you must let other people know. You should affix a Tower Incomplete, Tower Damaged to Tower Unsafe sign in a prominent position or adjacent to an access point, so that any potential users are aware of its condition and do not attempt to use it. Always keep up to date with any changes in the regulations.

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Youngman Ladders and Step Ladders – View Details

For more Information and Prices – View Our Site

We stock Double and Triple aluminium Ladders, industrial Ladders and vehical Ladder clamps. All our ladders are top quality from SGB Youngman Group Trade Ladders. We also stock Step ladders 5 Tread to 10 Tread and Telescopic Ladders along with Podium Steps and the new Teletower and Minimax Scaffold. If you need other sizes then please give us a call, we are here to help.

Rapid Tools Direct – Web Site

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