Arcotherm Industrial Heater – Supplied by Rapid Tools Direct

Arcotherm have been the sole UK distributor of the Biemmedue, Arcotherm heater range for over 20 years, and throughout this time have developed the product range to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of portable heating equipment; in 2013 Arcotherm became Biemmedue’s number one worldwide distributor of the Arcotherm branded product. Rapid Tools Direct now supply all Arcotherm Heating products.



Cup Grinding Stones – Used With Angle Grinders

Best Used For –

Ideal for smoothing rough surface of concrete etc.

Made from black oxide silicon carbide 24 grit.

For use with portable angle grinders.

Ideal for grinding and preparation of concrete and stone.

Ideal for cleaning concrete shutter boards and removing imperfections on concrete.

22.2 Bore – 110MM Diameter