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Oils and Lubricants

ROCOL®      WD40      Plusgas

3 in 1 PTFE oil. Also penetrant spray oil with lubricant and silicone spray, along with anti seize compound, chain drive spray from ROCOL , moly paste, dismantling spray, rustsheild and oil cans, water displacing spray with plusgas, oxy lube, foodlube and oil pourers.

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Moly Paste - Rocol Dry 100g

£51.84 (£43.20 exc vat)

Moly Paste - Rocol Dry 750g

£158.12 (£131.77 exc vat)

Dry Moly Spray - Rocol 400ml

£51.23 (£42.69 exc vat)

Rocol Foodlube Spray - 300ml

£31.64 (£26.37 exc vat)

Oxy Lube - Rocol Spray 400ml

£59.46 (£49.55 exc vat)

WD40 Spray - 200ml Aerosol

£3.55 (£2.96 exc vat)

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