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Plastering and Rendering Equipment



In stock we have  Plaster mixing tubs and baths also EMIR caulker s in 200mm and 300mm, also are the DARBY surface finishers in various lengths, and the lazy lift door and board lifter. German Made Refina Mega Mixer MM19 MM30 machines 110v and 240v megamixers twin Paddles, Alfra Paddle Mixers in stock from the same factory. In this section we have Render Spray Guns, Plasterers mixing Baths and Tubs of all sizes and mill finish Darbys along with Plasterers Hand Tools, Floats and Hawks etc. Our Refina Mixing Paddles M14 are High Quality with Reverse Spiral, Hoops and Adaptors to suit all machines. We also stock Automix Tub Mixers 110v and 240v. We only stock Quality Paddle mixers from Alfra EHR850 Mixers to the Refina Megamixers that start with the MM19/1 up to the MZR22 1800w Double Paddle mixer. The Eibenstock mixers on our site are also made at the same factory in Germany as the Refina range.

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Tyrolean Flick Sprayer

£26.94 (£22.45 exc vat)

Refina Hopper Spray Gun

£137.09 (£114.24 exc vat)

Refina EEG17 Lance spray gun

£199.33 (£166.11 exc vat)

Refina EEG18 Lance Spray Gun

£188.20 (£156.83 exc vat)

Refina Air Powered Mortar Gun 20

£378.00 (£315.00 exc vat)

Refina Angle Plane 455x90mm

£15.40 (£12.83 exc vat)

Refina EPG400 Sponge Power Float

£310.80 (£259.00 exc vat)

Refina EPG400 Render Scraper

£310.80 (£259.00 exc vat)

Refina XD171 Dustex Cyclone Vac

£430.80 (£359.00 exc vat)

Refina XD181 Dustex Cyclone Vac

£534.00 (£445.00 exc vat)

Refina Pin Leveller 600mm

£58.44 (£48.70 exc vat)

Refina Pin Leveller 800mm

£70.14 (£58.45 exc vat)

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