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Datum Level - Auto AL24 With Tripod and Staff (DATUM)

Price: £165.54
(£137.95 exc VAT)


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DATUM AL24 Optical Auto/Dumpy Level Tripod & Staff 24x Magnification 2mm Standard Deviation for 1km double run levelling Comes with Case and Accessories. Includes: - Adjustable Aluminium Tripod - 5 Metre English E Telescopic Staff - 360 Degree Horizontal Circle - Robust Cast Case Construction - Rubberised Eyepiece - On Board Compensator Check Facility Technical Data Telescope Magnification Clear Objective Aperture Field of View Shortest Focussing Distance Multiplication Factor Additive Factor AL20 Erect 24x 30mm 1 Deg 30 0.5m 100 0 Compensator Working Range Setting Accuracy Bubble Sensitivity Circle Graduation Standard Deviation for 1km Double Run Levelling Weight +/- 15 +/- 5 8/2mm 1 Degree 2.5mm 1.3kg


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